Clash Royale of SAMAN


i was winning the war with only one cup, so let you destroy one of my towers easily, to become equal in the normal time, and then i destroyed your main tower in the golden tower time. the reason is that your king tower was at little health and you were defending it very well, but when we reached the golden time, you wanted to destroy my base first to win and i let you attack and reach it, but in the same time i attacked your base and succeed. 30/9/2017 9:49

october 4th 2017 wednesday

Now this is the end of my journey: watch it please at

i could resist a remaining of 175 but attacked and won 218 + his main base

 october 5th thursday

now tonight i won with only an skeleton and other little forces against his army of such heroes as dragon, balloon and princess. my main base remained at 100 and i destroyed his main base completely..